Fire and Ice

you smile at me,shamelessly

a smile making my heart drop

It's laying at your feet now

please just pick it up


your presence follows like a shadow

hunting a girl who tries to flee,

pretending to run the other way

while secretly hoping to get caught


You are who I never want to be

You are everything I despise

You and me-Fire and Ice


Invading my thoughts constantly

and ruthlessly you refuse to leave

hate and desire dance on my chest

  and leave no room to breathe


 suffocating under your dark affinity

 leave me alone but hold me tight

 a dangerous embrace of fire and ice


You come and visit every night

the uninvited guest in my dreams

 showing me who you really are

and making me believe


But the morning comes and you are gone

and the memory of you and me

fades away slowly with the light

and I know-we will never be.


13.7.15 19:21

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